We’re born into the longing
With hearts, bent toward possessing
All that our eyes are seeing
Our souls, they never stop wanting
Beauty never intended to be more than a reflection

Oh, Lord, light up my dark eyes
Teach me to let go
I’ve been runnin’
Chasing nothing but shadows

My heart is an ocean raging
And Your grace is all that keeps me from drowning
My mind creates deceptions
So I cling the treasure sinking

Oh, Lord, please come and
Raise my dead heart, let me know
You can keep me from
Chasing after the shadows

All that I run to, all that I cling to
Everything seems to only slip through my hands

But I keep running, I keep chasing
Left holding on to only the after glow
Lord, light up my eyes, let me follow You
To the source behind all the shadows