To our stained glass walls
However high we climb
No matter how many times we fall
From our greatest trials
To our deepest defeats
There is a song forever being sung by the redeemed
We can lift our voices
The strong, the weak, come on

We will cry, fill the sky with the melody
‘Til our chorus shakes the ground
We are known, we are loved for all eternity
Let this breath join Heaven’s sound

In our secret addictions
Let mercy flood in
And out of forgiveness
The power to break the chains begins
In our driest wheat fields
Let the brush fires burn
And out of the ashes
Beauty of love and life returns
So let us lift our voices
The strong, the weak, come on

Heaven sounds like we’re finally breathing
Heaven sounds like the guilty made clean
Heaven sounds like the rolling of thunder
Heaven sounds like prisoners free
Heaven sounds, Heaven sounds

Let us join in Heaven’s sound
Can you hear it now
Can you hear it now